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Depression Counselling

Depression is used as a general word these days but only the ones who really goes through it understands. Its when there is a constant and consistent lack of energy and motivation which makes you feel helpless, hopeless or worthless. Getting up from bed seems look like a task, there is drastic change in your mood, appetite and sleep. Sometimes you might wonder that even when everything is fine, still that hollowness does not leave you. There is evident lack of pleasure or positive emotions. There is a constant unsaid void that you try to fill in but fail at it. Dark place and being alone becomes your best resort while dealing with such situations. If all these issues are persistent for 2 week or more, that is when you know that you need some help as there is no source of positivity that you can find within or around you by yourself.

Counselling plays a huge role in dealing with those constant negative thoughts, low moods, lack of motivation, feeling insignificant and incapable. It helps to break the chain of a particular pattern of thought thats destructive in nature, provide help with developing perspectives of looking at things and also to regulate the emotions in a healthy manner. It serves as a ray of hope to people who would just want to give up and are not able to help themselves. Counselling brings about a stark difference in people, their coping mechanisms, daily routine and their purpose of live. Over time, it has also helped many people to discover their true self and believe in their potential to do something.

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