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Corporate Wellness

Employees go through tremendous work stress and constant period of prioritizing work over their personal and psychological needs. Hence, the concept of Corporate Wellness is needed in order to maintain balance so that people dont feel like robots. Counselling in corporate setting helps to navigate work related stressor for better team cohesion, work satisfaction and performance.

It aims to understand the psyche of the employees, their way of problem solving, working with deadlines, creating unique content, meeting the set expectations, brainstorming, handling conflicts, managing and preventing crisis, etc. With that keeping in mind that they have a personal life too that comes as equally challenging and impactful. Counselling becomes a very helpful and beneficial way of letting out the negativity, acknowledging the difficult situations and also accepting and finding ways to deal with it. Sometimes the trouble could be because of the boss, the supervisor, a colleague or because of your temper but not filtering or processing things before saying can lead to permanent damages.

Hence, counselling helps with certain skills like leadership, communication, accuracy, effective management of emotions, maintaining a friendly work environment, following rules and regulations, acceptance, adjustment, etc so that one can handle situations more efficiently and not let it impact their mental wellbeing.

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