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Online Counseling 4 All is a platform where we find experts who are qualified and trained to help you through your tough times.

You don’t need to go through your difficult times alone. Our professional counselors will listen to you with an intent to understand your unique experience with a non-judgmental approach. They will help you navigate your emotional concerns, manage negative thoughts and emotions, leading to an empowered self. One can reach out to our counselor on phone, call, chat or video from anywhere in the world and anytime by booking an appointment. They can choose to remain anonymous on the phone or chat. Any information that is shared by them to our counselor is treated with utmost confidentiality and privacy. One can seek help for relationships, depression, anxiety, work stress, marital concerns, grief & loss, breakups, and more. We intend to help you heal and then thrive in every area of your life.

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BetterLYF is a team of counselors who help you deal with personal or professional challenges. All the professional counselors here have a master’s degree in psychology along with intensive training.

You can avail counseling sessions on call, chat, video on BetterLYF, and for those who hesitate to reach out may subscribe to Wellness Programs and Self-Help resources. The main challenges that Counselors here at BetterLYF help with are Relationships, Confidence, Anxiety, Stress Depression and Work Stress. Our client base is spread over 35 countries where we provide both individual and couple therapy.

The vision of BetterLYF is to create a safe, non-judgmental space where people can seek help from experienced professionals from day to day life struggles to severe, crippling challenges.

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About Online Counseling

Online counseling makes it easier for anyone to reach out to the counselors, based out of any city or country. One reach out to over call, chat or video based on their convenient date and time.

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You just need to book an appointment on the website, schedule sessions and reach out to your counselor.


We believe in the utmost confidentiality and privacy of any detail that is shared by our client. You can also choose to remain anonymous and chat or call our counselor.

In the case of Crisis

We are not a crisis prevention helpline. If you or anyone you know is battling suicidal thoughts or have self-harmed themselves, please reach out to a crisis prevention helpline.

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